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In my clinical work, I thoroughly enjoy getting to know clients and their families. The most important aspect is to provide a safe and comfortable environment so clients can form a trusting, open, honest relationship in order to facilitate change. On my end, that requires relatability as well as sincerity to meet the client where they are as well as embracing their individualized experiences. The overarching goal is to get each client to overcome personal obstacles, reach their full potential, strengthen or improve their relationship with family members, and learn appropriate skills to help them succeed in the everyday world. As all people have unique strengths and interests, treatment plans are individualized to ensure that they match the person's needs. Whether that is lessening the burden of anxious thoughts, learning how to get oneself out of a depressed mood state, teaching skills to help calm down when agitated, or discussing social interactions to feel more comfortable, each individual requires their own road map.  I enjoy applying a person-centered, strength-based approach as well as weaving in cognitive-behavioral techniques. When working with younger children, I tend to utilize play therapy and a more hands-on approach while incorporating discrete skill-based learning. Often times these skills are inclusive of coping mechanisms, ways to express themselves when feeling stronger emotions, or emotion regulation techniques. Counselling sessions are goal-driven; however, goals are developed in a cooperative manner, including the client, myself, and (when appropriate), other family members.

Individual Counseling

Common Concerns May Include:

  • Depression, Anxiety, and Fear Related Issues

  • Poor social skills, Self-Esteem Issues

  • Interpersonal Difficulties

  • Anger Management, tantrums, fighting, and impulse control

  • Life Transitions or family crisis

  • Social Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • Developmental Disabilities (ex. Autism)

  • School-related issues and Academic problems

  • Pre-teen and Teen issues

  • Behavioral concerns (ex. lying, stealing)

  • Developmental problems, special needs

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Parent Consultation

Parent Consultation Topics:

  • Parent/child relationship

  • Behavior difficulties

  • Teen/tween concerns

  • IEP/ 504 questions

  • Learning difficulties

  • Sibling relationships/ family conflict

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Psychological Testing

Now Providing Testing Services!

Psychological Evaluations cover the following areas:

  • Autism

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Emotional Concerns (ex. anxiety, depression)

  • ADHD/attention related concerns

  • Behavior Disorders

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